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From A Broken Leg To A 4.37 Forty Yard Dash

In 2002, I suffered a devastating injury when I broke both bones in my right leg.  I was carted off the field and was air lifted to a hospital for emergency surgery.  Thanks to God and modern medicine my leg was repaired, and the doctor even said I could play again.  But there was one thing I kept thinking about, would I be as good as before my injury?  Speed was my biggest weapon and one of the reasons I was able to further my playing career after college.  With the help of my coach, I was able to learn how to design a program that made me improve my speed from a 4.4 Forty Yard Dash (pre-injury) to 4.3 Forty (after injury).  That is when I decided to teach athletes, and other coaches, the art of speed. Since then I have worked with athletes covering 8 sports, ensuring their success through a holistic approach and helping them avoid the pitfalls of training. 

Tierre “Coach Tee” Jones

The Top 3 Training Reasons Why Athletes Fall Short…

Let me explain in more detail.

In a world of coaches on instagram and Youtube, it’s easy for you to search for drills that look cool.  Many of these drills and movements end up producing ZERO results for your athletic performance. We will provide what you really need , which is a program designed for YOUR needs and follows a proper progression based on sound principles.

The smallest detail can make a BIG difference.  The need for a coach who can see differentiators when it comes to techniques, will increase your performance by leaps and bounds as well as helping you decrease the risk of injuries.  Our coaches will keep you locked in for every rep will enhance your game.

If your sport requires a stick, ball, pads, etc., then being fast in a straight line is just the start.  However, a lot of coaches we see on social media will make you think that sprinting a fast 40yd dash or going 25 MPH is the end goal, but this is far from the truth.  


The Speed System’s specialty is giving you “Speed IQ” which means giving you speed when it counts and maximizing the way you have to move for your sport as well as your position!  




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